The serpent messengers spiral up the column in the form of Kundalini energy during meditation. The force flows through the final few chakras and ends with an explosion of energy in the pineal gland at the centre of the brain, which then breaks open the skull to the enormous amounts of cosmic energy that can be channelled from above.
This gland is responsible for regulating the cycles of the body, and acts as the doorway to other dimensions/realms. It is the third eye, centre of creativity, which calcifies through repetitive exposure to man made chemicals like fluoride, which is found in large amounts (added by the government under the guise that it is good for our teeth) in our town’s tap water.
This gland is also responsible for excreting the most powerful hallucenogenic known to man, DMT (dimethyltritamine) into our bloodstream during REM sleep, which enables us to enter the dream state realm, where any number of mysterious and mystical things happen.This state can be reached at will with serious training and practice of interdimensional meditation, one that many a Monk, Yogi and artist across the world have mastered.